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Our web based SPECIAL OFFER$ Travel Guide takes advantage of the fact that most meetings, conventions, trade shows, sporting events, or any large population of individuals now market themselves and conduct their commerce through the use of a web site.  These events now require the majority of the attendees, exhibitors, and buyers to conduct their commerce through the use of these web sites. Associations, corporations, sporting events, etc., also encourage their “members” to use their web site to participate in their programs for various employee purposes and as their main channel of communication.

has developed an on-line SPECIAL OFFER$ Travel Guide of products and services available in Orlando. We are able to have these organizations agree to establish links on their web sites to our Guide.  This allows our participating Partners access to these valuable targeted potential customers.  When conducting their commerce in these web sites, as an attendee, exhibitor or buyer, our Guide is available through multiple links on the event’s “Home”, “Travel”, “Exhibitor”, “Attendee” and other web site pages. These consumers must conduct their business on these same pages and, then, they are exposed to your products and services.  This program provides our participating Partners great exposure months in advance of their arrival. Our Guide can reach these targeted business buyers and their families, often just one click away from the “home” pages! Just Click here to see a list of the events that we are currently supporting, representing the hundreds of thousands in-bound business travelers and their families you can reach with our a SPECIAL OFFER$ Travel Guide.

UNLIMITED CONTENT: We offer an extremely easy to use and informative format that will display, market, and advertise unlimited content!

Our Listings include:

  • Logo/Graphic
  • Business Contact Information including name, address, phone & fax numbers
  • Live Business hyperlink
  • Group Contact information including name, address, phone & fax numbers
  • Live group contact E-mail link

Printable Offer in every listing including:

  • Offer
  • Restrictions
  • Description
  • Valid Until Date
  • Coupon Code

Capable of different offers per event or link!

Text Box to sell & market your product and services providing an “at a glance” opportunity to display different text for each event/link!

Buttons/Linksto PDF formatted pages, printable, containing custom logo wallpaper and watermarks, able to display extensive content containing: Info, Group Info, Maps, Pricing, Menus, Group MenusVideos, On Line Reservations, Diagrams, Capacity Charts, Buy Tickets, etc. all included!

Pictures and Product Photos displayed on the main listing page!

A searchable Information Summary, containing prices, hours, credit cards accepted, capacities, private dining capabilities, etc

To see a sample of one of our listings, please just Click Here

Special Easy to Use Features
Our on line reservation request system allows the users to e-mail you directly with their reservation request and they can sort our listings by cuisine, distance from the event, etc.

Our Group Planning option allows the user to define their needs with a simple form or with their own RFP. They can also search by location, cuisine type, private dining capacity, total capacity, distance from the event, etc.  Then they will review your listing and submit their request, direct to you, without delay!

Users can print all offers with just one click from the home page of our SPECIAL OFFER$ Travel Guide.  Additionally, they can print just the SPECIAL OFFER$ from a specific category or a single offer!

A search feature allows the users to review and sort our listings by cuisine type, capacity, distance from the event, etc.

Low Cost
You can market to the convention, meetings, and trade show markets at a very low cost.  You can reach these critical attendees, exhibitors and buyers, and their families with unlimited content at a cost of less than 1 cent per actual attendee/exhibitor.  When compared to any other form of advertising, our cost for unlimited content that can be updated constantly, target marketed by event or time of year, is just a fraction of the cost of all other forms of advertising!

Not just for Convention Center Events
Events in Hotels, Travel Companies, Wholesale Companies, Associations, Corporations and others are all eligible to take advantage of any and all aspects of our program.


Our events also agree to send e-mail blasts to the Attendees and Exhibitors of these events that include a link to our SPECIAL OFFER$ Travel Guide with your listing.  These e-mails that are sent directly to the Attendees and Exhibitors are an active way that these events market our SPECIAL OFFER$ Travel Guide with your listing!


We also provide you and these events a complimentary on-site referral/reservation service in both hotels and the Convention Center. Our Partners can actively participate in these on-site desks.


We also produce hard copy SPECIAL OFFER$ brochures books of our Partners offers or advertisements for events. Most of our events have agreed to distribute our SPECIAL OFFER$ brochures with their event credentials at their registration and information desks. This provides our Partners an exclusive opportunity to market and advertise to these critical buyers upon their arrival to the event.

Participation in our hard copy SPECIAL OFFER$ brochures is provided to our participating Partners at only the cost of printing.  There are no additional distribution costs, and Orlando Convention Aid does not profit from this aspect of our services.  We offer our Partners an opportunity to market their products and services exclusively at a cost of less than 1 ½ cents for each 3 x 5 full color piece!


We will personally assist you in your marketing and sales efforts to these critical markets by:


  • Working with you to develop your sales and marketing pieces and offers.


  • Inclusion of your materials with our solicitation to the management of these events.


  • Distribution of contact and event lists that we receive and develop.


  • By providing low cost, outside contractor help for your project work.


  • Through the use of our almost 30 years of experience in working in the hospitality business.



We have been able to secure the opportunity to work with these events at the Center and in area hotels for the past year as a result of a unique combination of special services in our program.  We ensure that we provide a unique service through the following:

Attendees: Every listing must provide something of value for the individual attendees and exhibitors.  Unlike other directory products that only provide limited information our SPECIAL OFFER$ Travel Guide offers a discount, value added product or service or complimentary product or service, as a condition of participating in our program.  This ensures that we are providing our host events/web sites with more of a service for their attendees other than just some information!

Exhibitors: Every listing provides detailed group information and pricing. Unlike most destination management companies, we never “mark-up”, accept commissions, or package price the group events that we place.  This provides a unique service for the exhibitors and again provides a unique service for the host events to pass on to their exhibitors.

Event Management: The people and organizations that manage these events must be very careful about allowing the kind of direct access to their attendees and exhibitors that we are able to secure. We succeed because of the services that we provide the Attendees and Exhibitors (described above) and because:

Event Approval


  • Each event can exclude any of our listings for any reason. In some cases, certain services are contracted on an exclusive basis.  This provision allows the events to ensure compliance with their own agreements for these services and it ensures that the information reaching their attendees and exhibitors complies with their policies.


  • Each event has the option to require content changes to our listings to include them in the customized SPECIAL OFFER$ Travel Guide. We also customize the portal page, layout and graphics, etc. for them!


  • There is no charge to the event for any of our services!



Every participating company in our SPECIAL OFFER$ Travel Guide provides the event with one promotional gift certificate per event for the management of these events to use in any manner they choose.  Click here to see a list of our current Partners and their Event Management Rewards is available.  Some of our events have used the Rewards to encourage new exhibitors, new attendees, early registrations or exhibit hall traffic and they have provided our Partners additional exposure through the use of printing or e-mailing the Rewards in their brochures, e-mail blasts, etc.  For an example new exhibitors/attendees will be eligible for $1,000 in Orlando area complimentary products and services from the following…..”. This provides you with additional exposure and the actual cost of these Rewards is very low. If redeemed a $50 or $100 gift certificate with a food/beverage cost of only 25%, 4 complimentary admissions, or whatever you decide to offer as your Reward, the cost to directly market to these events through our program is only a penny or less per person!

We currently provide over $5,300 in Event Management Rewards. Our list of Supplier Partners has been growing at a rate of 3-5 per month and this represents an additional $150 - $300 in additional Rewards being added monthly.

The response and acceptance of our program has been great! In our first year we will have worked with over 300,000 people, over 25 events including some of the Trade Show top 100, because most of the clients we contact say;

 “Our Attendees get a special offer with every listing and detailed product information. Our Exhibitors get detailed group information and pricing that does not include a standard mark-up or commission. We get to customize the SPECIAL OFFER$ Travel Guide  and approval of the content, thousands of dollars in promotional marketing assistance, complimentary SPECIAL OFFER$ brochures, and a complimentary on site concierge service….why wouldn’t we work with

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