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Event Planner Rewards Program

Orlando Convention Aid has created a program to show our gratitude to the Event Planners that use our services. Our Orlando Partners provide complimentary Dining Vouchers, Gift Cards, Theme Park Tickets, and other gifts for us to use as Event Planner Rewards. We will create a set of Rewards that reflect the size and economic impact of your event. The rewards are all 100% complimentary and do not require purchase, and they are our Partner's way of saying 'Thank You.'

All Orlando Events bringing out-of-state visitors are eligible to participate in our Rewards Program by using our Customized Online Travel Guides and putting a link up on your Event Website. This way, we can prove to our Orlando Partners that you're helping promote Orlando's diverse restaurants and attractions. There is absolutely no catch to participating in the program, however larger groups with larger economic impacts are eligible for more Rewards than smaller ones.

Show Management Rewards are provided as follows:
  • Events using less than 500 rooms on peak night will be entered into a monthly drawing with one organization receiving $1,000 in Rewards*
  • Events using between 500 to 999 guest rooms on peak nights will receive rewards valued at $500!*
  • Events using between 1,000 to 1,999 guest rooms on peak nights will receive rewards valued at $750!*
  • Events requiring more than 2,000 guest rooms on peak nights will receive rewards valued at greater than $2,000!*

*A graphic / text link (which will be provided to you) to the Travel Guide needs to be live on your Event website a minimum of 90 days prior to your event first day in order to receive Rewards. Rewards are subject to change, are limited, and additional limitations apply.

Orlando Convention Aid can create Custom Travel Guides for your events that will provide your event's Location, Date, Website and Logo so that your guests feel confident in using our services. Once we've customized your Travel Guide with your event's information, you are encouraged to share your link on your Event Website, E-Mails, and even on-site so your guests can answer their questions about all that Orlando has to offer!

For more information on how to customize your own Travel Guide, please contact us at ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Event Planner Rewards are provided by our Orlando Partners, so every one is a bit different than the next. The one thing that each Event Planner Reward has in common is that it does not require ANY purchase on your behalf. Many restaurants offer rewards in $50.00 gift certificates, but some also offer complimentary meals for you and your guest(s). Our partners also offer Theme Park tickets, Free Rounds of Golf, Admission to Dinner Shows, Complementary Transportation and even free Event Services like Printing and Computer Rentals.

You can use them to promote your event, give a special thank you to staff, help smooth over challenges with your guests or exhibitors, treat yourself, or for ANY reason you choose. You won't find another opportunity like this anywhere else in Orlando!

Click here to see a complete list of the Available Rewards.

As an Event Planner, your word can make or break Orlando businesses. Our Orlando Partners are more than happy to provide these gifts to familiarize you with their venue or services and make a great impression on you, your staff, your VIPs and your guests. This promotional marketing opportunity gives local businesses the chance to host you, as a powerful decision maker, so that your good experience can trickle down through your staff, affiliates, and eventually guests.

Your participation in the Event Planner Rewards Program is just another way to harness the power of the economic impact you generate for Central Florida.

Orlando Convention Aid brings together the four components for a successful event. Event Management, Exhibitors, Attendees and Suppliers working collaboratively, effectively and taking advantage financially of every opportunity! Our overriding commitment is to your complete satisfaction and we pledge to exceed your expectations. We hope to hear from you soon!

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